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I am not able to cancel this service.

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I have a couple email addresses and I have received emails asking me to join but it has to be bogus since my name or email address wasn't in there properties when I opened up the email. This is what I saw From ok Date Sat Sept 10 2016 4:00PM To: None this was a scam or spam sent out to get people to contact them but I didn't. Subject: Cozy Up with Someone Special - Try JDate So I then looked them up and found out that they are... Read more

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I signed up for this service as a goof thinking it would help. It wasn’t the least bit effective. They don’t tell you this when you sign up but they auto-renew your payment unless you cancel your subscription. I called after the first renewal to cancel and they never put the cancelation through. Now I’ve been charged $400 even though I called to cancel nearly a year ago! They never shut off the auto renewal despite me specifically asking them... Read more

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J-DATE IS A COMPLETE RIPOFF. I signed up cause it would be nice to meet a decent Jewish girl. I activated my profile and then find out that girls can not even read the messages I had to pay to send! And the majority of the members are in-active and have not been logged in for years. I even got an auto response saying one girl is in-active, its completely misleading! J-DATE IS A COMPLETE RIPOFF Not to mention the selection of members is... Read more

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The jdate app which I primarily use just stopped working. whenever i clicked on my inbox, the app would freeze and my phone would stop working for a minute. I called jdate to tell them what they can do and they said they are working on resolving it but don't have a timeline when it will be fixed. I asked for a refund of my next month since I do not like using the website or at least give me an extra week for the time the app was broken. They... Read more

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I have an older credit card that I have been paying down over time. Today I looked at it and noticed JDate charges of $39.99/month even though the "auto renewal" was turned off. I sat on the phone waiting for awhile with Jdate and finally reached someone. In the meantime the activity updated to say the account was terminated. The spokesperson said she did not do anything. I really think something is up with these people! A complete scam! I... Read more

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My credit card was charged over $200 (Canadians must pay the exchange rate). When I called to get my money back, the call taker would not budge and she also would not put me through to a supervisor. She essentially pinned it on me for agreeing to the terms of the website when I signed up. Right... nice of you little *** artists to make this explicit. I would never agree to an automatic renewal worth that much! Read more

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I asked customer service to deactivate my account after being sought out by a man who misrepresented himself, so they did. I went back on the site a month later and they charged me for reactivating my account when I did not choose to. Then 3 months later, with my credit card in the system, they charge me not the normal $30.99 but $119.00 claiming that's the plan I purchased when their website doesn't even offer a plan of that dollar... Read more

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JDate - Dishonest Auto-Renewal
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Today I noticed a charge for $258.90 (CAD) on my VISA card for a JDate subscription. I called to cancel this as I do not use the site anymore and barely used it except for a brief period when I first signed up for the service last year. The customer service agent on the phone refused to issue a refund, saying I had signed up for auto-renewal and did not cancel by the required date. She said she would issue only a partial refund of $96 US and... Read more

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Joined on a whim. After two days I closed my profile. Site is very difficult to navigate and very difficult to use on a hand held device. Site appeared cheaply constructed and not all function buttons work as they are labeled - if at all. They kept my money which is caveat emptor I presume. Customer service was fairly quick to respond but not at all empathetic. No solutions offered. The ole "we got your money so be off with yourself"... Read more

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