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Update by user Apr 13, 2016

I want them to provide me in writing confirmation that i will not be auto-renewed again and my membership is cancelled. I also want a full refund; they have only provided a partial refund. I have no use for their service and do not want another 6 months of a dating service when I am in a relationship.

Original review posted by user Apr 12, 2016

Today I noticed a charge for $258.90 (CAD) on my VISA card for a JDate subscription. I called to cancel this as I do not use the site anymore and barely used it except for a brief period when I first signed up for the service last year. The customer service agent on the phone refused to issue a refund, saying I had signed up for auto-renewal and did not cancel by the required date. She said she would issue only a partial refund of $96 US and cancel my auto-renewal from now on; I asked her if this would be confirmed to me in writing and she said yes. She provided the reference #1169471764.

Instead, I get an e-mail with an entirely different reference number (#1154998289) that only says I have been issued the refund for $96 US and provides no confirmation, as was promised, that my subscription is cancelled and will not auto-renew. When I login to the site, I click on my Membership and low-and-behold, it still says I am opted into to auto-renew and my next renewal date is 10/9/2016 (see attached document "JDate.jpg).

I must also note how difficult and convoluted it is for one to cancel auto-renewal oneself on the JDate webpage, as the site is full of legalese and contradictory and misleading statements:

- First of all, there is no option in the Membership Management page where one can directly select "Turn Off Auto-Renewal" (see attached filed "Membership Management" to see the screen). There is only an option to "Cancel Subscription."​

- When one clicks on "Cancel Subscription", the wording on the page makes it seem that if one cancels subscription that one will no longer be able to access many feature of one's account, even during the term of service already paid for (see attached file "JDate.jpg" for this screen). The exact wording on the Cancel Membership page is as follows:

"Cancel or reactivate your subscription on this page. Please note: by canceling your subscription, you will lose all privileges, including your ability to:


Read emails

Send emails

If you don't want to lose your ability to email or IM – which is the best way to connect with other singles on the site – do not turn off your subscription or let it expire!"

- ^This wording would understandably convince someone to not cancel their membership because it seems like you can no longer use the site features you have already paid for if you do.

- HOWEVER: It is only when one goes into the FAQ page of the JDate site that one is informed that "Cancel Subscription" feature is in fact ONLY way to turn off the auto-renewal feature! And that, in fact, "You will still have access to all subscriber privileges throughout the remainder of your subscription term" (see attached file "Jdate2.jpg").

So, which is it? The JDate website provides two seemingly contradictory messages about what happens when one Cancels their Membership (do you "lose your ability to email or IM" as it says on the Cancel Membership page or do you "still have access to all subscriber privileges" (which would include e-mail or IM) once membership is cancelled?

- Also, there are more misleading and seemingly contradictory message about Cancelling Subscription in the FAQ page.

> When one selects the FAQ "How Does Autorenewal Work?", one is informed that "When you subscribe for a paid membership, you choose one of several monthly plans available. Your paid membership is renewed automatically, at the guaranteed renewal rate and for the period of time that applies to the purchase option you chose. For more details, please review our Terms and Conditions of Service" (see attached file The Terms and Conditions are, of course, a legal document in which a layman could not be asked to reasonably decipher.

> However, when one selects the FAQ "What happens when my paid subscription expires?", one is informed that "Your account will revert back to free member status and you will lose the opportunity to communicate with others on the site along with all the other premium features." (see attached file JDate4.jpg)

- ^ So which is it? When your paid subscriptions expires is your "membership renewed automatically" or does "your account (...) revert back to free member status?" These are two different answers to the same question of what happens when one's paid subscription term ends. This exemplifies the contradictory, misleading, slippery information on the site.

Overall: I am extremely dissatisfied that I have been charged for a service that I do not want and no longer need, as I am in a relationship. I believe that JDate is practicing unscrupulous business methods for the reasons aforementioned, which I will reiterate here:

i) It does not provide a direct option to turn off Auto-Renew, burying the actual procedure in FAQs instead of providing a simple opt-out method.

2) It uses misleading and contradictory language on the site to make it seem that if one "Cancels Subscription" (the only way to turn off Auto-Renew) that one will not be able to use many of the features of service that one has already paid for (which is not true when you go to FAQs). They make it difficult for you to turn off Auto-Renew on the site with confusing wording and an obscure process.

2) They do not send you any notice that you are about to be auto-renewed, even when you no longer use their site.

3) They refused to issue a full refund even when I told them I no longer use their site and have no interest in continuing to use it, as I am in a relationship, as any honest business would do. Instead I am subscribed for another term at a discount.

4) I was promised by their customer service representative that my auto-renew feature was turned off by her, but when I log in online it still says I am set to auto-renew on 10/9/2016. Had I not checked (which I did as I no longer trust them), would I have been auto-renewed again?

Overall, these are very troubling facts about JDate that suggest unscruplous and misleading business practices. They need to be disciplined for this, it is borderline fraud.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service of jdate subscription from JDate and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants JDate to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was autorenewal scam. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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I have had the same issues with Jdate!I signed up for one month only to try it for £19.99 for a month!

I had no idea they auto renew! No terms and conditions came up to say this nor about the fact that I hadn't paid £19.99 but in fact £36.99 and they put me on auto renew! I've asked them to cancel as there is no facility to cancel it whatsoever nothing! They said they would.

I called them in California for a refund they refuse!

Why am I being charged twice a month two payments they say I clicked onto an all features access! I did not I signed for one month! They've taken out £130 from me and have given me back £16.00 not sure why! They promised to cancel auto renew but low and behold it keeps renewing against my will.

I think they operate in an underhand way. Customer services is a joke or non existent, in Ameruca, they won't listen to you, refuse to refund your overpayment, keep auto renewing and charge you excessive amounts. I gave asked my bank to help me but all they can do is block the payments coming out and they refuse to try to get my money out!

I am going through a divorce and thought I'd meet someone through it but that hasn't happened either!

Everyone is based in France or London and I keep seeing the same people.

How do I get this auto renew feature stopped and get my money back after phonecalls, emails and messages to Jdate have all failed! It's fraud and misrepresentation.

This is awful and should be looked into!How dare they exploit people in this way!

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